Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Last Three Sad Girl Illustrations...

"I'm Sad because a Giant Robot Crushed my Lemonade Stand"
Ball Point Pen

I ran into a lot of difficulties with this one, and of all the sad girls, it might be the one I'm least happiest with. Either way, I accept it's existence, if only because I'm pretty happy with how my dog nosed bird came out. :D

"Sad Girl"
Ball Point Pen

This illustration will appear on the front cover of the zine like book I'm making called "8 Sad Girls."

"Sad Girl Crying"
Ball Point Pen

And this one will appear on the back cover. :D

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sad Girl, 7/8

"I'm Sad because I Threw my Kitten into a Desert and Now I Want It Back"
Ball point pen

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sad Girl, 6/8

"I'm Sad because my Head is More Rectangular than it is Spherical"
Ball point pen

In case you are wondering, the creature on the left (and the little baby one on the right) is a panda-pede. :D

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sad Girl, 5/8

"I'm Sad because my Family Sold Me at Our Garage Sale"
Ball point pen

(Update: Due to time constraints, I've decided to draw 8 girls rather than 10.)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sad Girl, 4/10

"I'm Sad because an Army of Bunnies has been After Me for Years"
Ball point pen

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Independent Study Drawing 2


Here's my second independent study. Of all the drawings I've ever done, this one tested my patience and challenged me the most. I ran into a lot of problems, particularly while rendering the grass, building, and windows. Also I had to make up some parts, which proved to be the biggest challenge. In the original photograph, there was a giant tree bursting out of my mom's head and no windows (well, there was one, but it was hiding behind the giant tree). Also, it cropped off part of her feet. In the end, I still don't know if the parts I made up are as convincing as those I didn't, but I'm happy if only because I learned a lot.

Unfortunately I only have early progress pics to show. I stopped taking pictures of this drawing after I moved back to Baltimore because I was so sidetracked with school work. Also, I apologize for the horrific photo quality - I was just snapping photos quick and often in poor lighting.

(This last progress pic I actually took a few days ago. Not too much different from the final other than some of the grass is unfinished and my mom's lighting is brighter.)

I also scanned the third (and last) independent study drawing I'm currently working on, which is as follows...

All right, well I think that's all I have to say. Good bye!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sad Girl, 3/10

"I'm Sad because Only Bears Seem to Like Me"
Ball point pen

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Map About Flying...

"A Time Map of All the Things I would Do if I could Fly for One Day"

For my concepts class I had to make a map about whatever I wanted. I decided to do one about flying because, well, lately I've been kind of obsessed with drawing things flying and/or levitating. Not totally sure why, but okay. For some reason the colors don't look very nice here on blogger... If you'd like to see a better idea of what the colors are like (and just an all around better picture of the piece), you can click on the following link...

Also, I'm a little weirded out by how fuzzy everything gets in the very top panel. I'm not so sure how I can fix that. It's clear on photoshop, but for some reason it's not anywhere else? Don't really understand. ... Well, now that I look at it again, it's not so bad on the piece in the link, but here on blogger it's pretty insane. ... ;-; I don't know.

Okay, well I might make some changes to this in the future if I have to. I've yet to get this critiqued, so yes, it's quite possible I've done something horribly, horribly wrong and am not aware of it. For now, though, here it is, finished!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sad Girl, 2/10

"I'm Sad because Whenever I Smile, I Still Look Like I'm Frowning"
Ball point pen


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The First of 10 Very, Very Sad Girls

"I'm Sad because my Umbrella's Polka Dots are Actually Holes"
Ball point pen

For my class "The Lab" I have to make 25 copies of a product to sell at the art market in December. The product I've decided to make is a book called "10 Sad Girls." It's going to consist of 10 illustrations of little cartoon girls in sad situations. This is the first one I've managed to finish, which, well, is kind of pathetic, because it's the middle of October, and I only have 2 months left! But oh well, that is okay - the first month I was too caught up in just trying to get the planning done (which I have admit... isn't quite resolved... yet) This is my first time trying to do "finished" illustrations in ball point pen. As a result I ran into a lot of mistakes while doing this, and although that was disappointing, it should (or at least I hope) make my next 9 illustrations go a little smoother...

In case you are curious, here are the 9 other sad situations I will be illustrating (in no particular order):

- I'm sad because my family sold me at our garage sale.
- I'm sad because I threw my kitten into a desert and now I want it back.
- I'm sad because my bicycle helmet is actually a top hat.
- I'm sad because my head is more rectangular than it is spherical.
- I'm sad because my neighbor poured gravy all over my garden.
- I'm sad because an army of bunnies has been after me for years.
- I'm sad because only bears seem to like me.
- I'm sad because a giant robot crushed my lemonade stand.
- I'm sad because whenever I smile, I still look like I'm frowning.

Way back in the summer, I asked people on facebook to suggest what kind of sad situations these girls could be in. Although all of the suggestions were fantastic, only one really worked with my concept, which was "I'm sad because a giant robot crushed my lemonade stand." I thought I'd give credit here to Greg Murphy for being the one who suggested it. Thanks!

Okay, well that is all I have to share for now. So long!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Concepts Homework

The following piece is a drawing I did for concepts. It's a drawing of a hoarder type personality. It's supposed to be a little ambiguous. Hm... yeah. I wound up not liking this piece very much after I finished it. I actually disliked it so much I avoided looking at it until midterm yesterday. When I saw it again, I realized it wasn't as hideous as I imagined it to be, and thought I'd be brave and post it onto this blog. So, yep, here it is:


And that's all. I'm working on a whole bunch of things right now, but none of them ever seem to get finished by the time I want them to get finished. I'm super hoping I can get my second independent study drawing done this weekend. I'm so close... I think there's only about 7/8 hours of work left in it, and even though that sounds like a ridiculously long amount of time, it's actually a ridiculously short amount of time! Buahaha I draw so slow. ;-; All right, well I am going to go now!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Charcoal Portrait

"Self Portrait (as a child)"

This is just a random drawing I did for no reason at all. Well, it was supposed to be for my class "The Lab", but as I was working on it, I found out that it did not fit the assignment's requirements. I wound up having to do a completely different drawing. It made me very sad to abandon this drawing, so I thought I'd finish it this weekend. Yeah... it's based off a photograph of me when I was little.

Somewhere buried in the charcoal is a teeny weeny little dead bug. I squashed it while it was crawling on my paper, and I'm pretty sure it's still stuck in there somewhere. I tried zooming in on photoshop in an attempt to find it, but it completely blends in with the charcoal! Ha, I must have colored over it. :[ That poor bug - what a pathetic way to die. At least it gets to live on in art forever, which I guess isn't so bad. I commend it for being such a convincing charcoal speck. :D

Saturday, September 11, 2010

An Ice Cream Princess...

"The Melancholic Ice Cream Princess"

For class I had to make a menu cover inspired by one of the foods in the menu given to me. I decided to do an illustration based on the chocolate sundae. Originally I wanted to make her look like a chocolate sundae, but as I was working, she wound up looking more and more blobby and less ice-cream-ish. She's a very sorrowful princess, but only because the temperature never seems to meet her needs. Here she's melting all over some random world. :[

Ah, wow. I just realized I'm posting this on Sept. 11! I feel like a jerk now. I should probably say something about all the people who lost their lives on this day... Hm... RIP to them all. Yeah... :[ Okay, I'm awful at this stuff.

I'm going to go now.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Independent Study Drawing 1

"Nowhere to Go" (working title)

Here is the drawing I've been working on for the last month and a half. It's part of a series of three drawings I am doing over the summer (for fall credit). In case you want to know, that girl in the drawing is my mom. :D

To try and show more my process, I decided to take photos as I was working on this. So... I'll post those now. I apologize for the horrific quality. I was just snapping photos quick in order to help me with proportions.

(For the finished drawing I scanned it, hence the super better quality)

Ahh! Wow. That's a lot of sad girls. This post will probably look like a sad girl invasion. :D

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Random Update/Sad Little Girl

Uh... well, more than two days have passed, and still I have not updated with my new drawing. Though this is hard for me to believe, I am still not done. Keep in mind that I have labored intensely over this drawing for almost two months. You think it could spare me a few moments of sanity and just finish itself! Blah. Thankfully I'll be finishing it tonight, which means thankfully I'll be posting something I actually worked hard on - and is new - soon.

For now, here's a sad little girl.

"I'm Sad Because I Don't Really Have a Heart"
Ball point pen

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Two pieces that I have a like/hate relationship with...

Okay... so I feel like updating my blog, even though I don't have all that much to show. Like, I just have these two pieces that have been buried in my documents folder for god knows how long now. I've decided to post them since, well, I did work really hard on them, and I do, sometimes - in a rare and fleeting moment - like their existence. During all other times, though, I can't help but pick them apart and talk about all their flaws, which I guess I do with all of my pieces, but these... even more so.

This first piece is from my Dry Media class. The assignment was to do a pastel portrait of any screen shot in the movie Blade Runner. So I drew that one girl... I don't even really remember her name, oh well. So yeah, that's her. The documentation isn't all that great. That blue is actually a little more turquoise. But whatever.

"That One Girl from Blade Runner"

This second piece is a skate deck design for Illustration 2. The prompt was "dogs doing bad things." I decided to draw some fire breathing Dalmatians setting a forest on fire. I do have a color version of this, but it is awful, awful, so awful... Like, the fire makes me want to puke. I don't know why - something about it does not work! The only thing redeemable on the color version are the dogs' fire hats. I was proud of those, but yeah, not enough to post. So here's the black and white charcoal drawing... Doesn't really look like the Dalmatians are breathing fire, which makes me a little sad. Instead it could almost be water! And yep, that makes me sadder.

"Fire Breathing Dalmatians Setting a Forest on Fire"

In the next day or two I should be updating with a drawing that is actually new! So I am excited for that. I guess I don't know why I'm announcing it on this post. But hey, yeah! I'm going to bed now.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

"Words to Paint By"

Hi. I don't have any artwork to show, despite having worked on nothing but art in the last month. I'm updating because I want to post a list I found on someone's deviantart account. I found it actually kind of inspiring, and hope you will too. That is, if you feel like reading it. (It's ridiculously long.)

Well here it is...

Words to paint by (Irwin Greenberg)

1. Paint every day.
2. Paint until you feel physical strain- take a break and then paint some more.
3. Suggest.
4. When at an impasse, look at the work of masters.
5. Buy the best materials you can afford.
6. Let your enthusiasm show.
7. Find the way to support yourself.
8. Be your own toughest critic.
9. Develop a sense of humor about yourself
10. Develop the habit of work. Start early every day. When you take a break, don’t eat. Instead, drink a glass of water.
11. Don’t settle for yourself at your mediocre level
12. Don’t allow yourself to be crushed by failure. Rembrandt had failures. Success grows from failure.
13. Be a brother (or sister) to all struggling artists.
14. Keep it simple.
15. Know your art equipment and take care of it.
16. Have a set of materials ready wherever you go.
17. Always be on time for work, class and appointments.
18. Meet deadlines. Be better than your word.
19. Find a mate who is really a mate.
20. Don’t be envious of anyone who is more talented than you. Be the best you can be.
21. Prizes are nice, but the real competition is with your performance yesterday.
22. Give yourself room to fail and fight like hell to achieve.
23. Go to sleep thinking about what you’re going to do first thing tomorrow.
24. Analyze the work of great painters. Study how they emphasize and subordinate.
25. Find out the fewest material things you need to live.
26. Remember: Michelangelo was once a helpless baby. Great works are the result of heroic struggle.
27. There are no worthwhile tricks in art; find the answer.
28. Throw yourself into each painting heart and soul.
29. Commit yourself to a life in art.
30. No struggle, no progress.
31. Do rather than don’t.
32. Don’t say “I haven’t the time.” You have as much time everyday as the great masters.
33. Read. Be conversant with the great ideas.
34. No matter what you do for a living, nurture your art.
35. Ask. Be hungry to learn.
36. You are always the student in a one-person art school. You are also the teacher of that class.
37. Find the artists who are on your wavelength and constantly increase that list.
38. Take pride in your work.
39. Take pride in yourself.
40. No one is a better authority on your feelings than you are.
41. When painting, always keep in mind what your picture is about.
42. Be organized.
43. When you’re in trouble, study the lives of those who’ve done great things.
44. “Poor me” is no help at all.
45. Look for what you can learn from the great painters, not what’s wrong with them.
46. Look. Really look.
47. Overcome errors in observing by exaggerating the opposite.
48. Critics are painters who flunked out.
49. Stay away from put-down artists.
50. If you’re at a lost for what to do next, do a self-portrait.
51. Never say “I can’t.” It closes the door to potential development.
52. Be ingenious. Howard Pyle got his start in illustrating by illustrating his own stories.
53. All doors open to a hard push.
54. If art is hard, it’s because you’re struggling to go beyond what you know you can do.
55. Draw everywhere and all the time. An artist is a sketchbook with a person attached.
56. There is art in any endeavor done well.
57. If you’ve been able to put a personal response into your work, others will feel it and they will be your audience.
58. Money is OK, but it isn’t what life is about.
59. Spend less than you earn.
60. Be modest; be self-critical, but aim for the highest.
61. Don’t hoard your knowledge, share it.
62. Try things against your grain to find out just what your grain really is.
63. Inspiration doesn’t come when you are idle. It comes when you have steeped yourself in work.
64. Habit is more powerful than will. If you get in the habit of painting every day, nothing will keep you from painting.
65. There are three ways to learn art: Study life, people and nature. Study the great painters. Paint.
66. Remember, Rembrandt wasn’t perfect. He had to fight mediocrity.
67. Don’t call yourself an artist. Let others name you that. “Artist” is a title of great weight.
68. Be humble; learn from everybody.
69. Paintings that you work hardest at are the ones you learn the most from, and are often your favorites.
70. Read values relatively. Find the lightest light and compare all other light values to it. Do the same with the darks.
71. Grit and guts are the magic ingredients to your success.
72. Let your picture welcome the viewer.
73. Add new painters to your list of favorites all the time.
74. Study artists who are dealing with the same problems that you’re trying to solve.
75. Have a positive mind-set when showing your work to galleries.
76. Don’t look for gimmicks to give your work style. You might be stuck with them for life. Or, worse yet, you might have to change your “style” every few years.
77. If what you have to say is from your deepest feelings, you’ll find an audience that responds.
78. Try to end a day’s work on a picture knowing how to proceed the next day.
79. Don’t envy others success. Be generous-spirited and congratulate whole-heartedly.
80. Your own standards have to be higher and more scrupulous than those of critics.
81. Pyle said, “Throw your heart into a picture and jump in after it.”
82. Vermeer found a life’s work in the corner of a room.
83. Rembrandt is always clear about what is most important in a picture.
84. If, after study, the work of an artist remains obscure, the fault may not be yours.
85. Critics don’t matter. Who cares about Michelangelo’s critics?
86. Structure your day so you have time for painting, reading, exercising and resting.
87. Aim high, beyond your capacity.
88. Try not to finish too fast.
89. Take the theory of the “last inch” holds that as you approach the end of a painting, you must gather all your resources for the finish.
90. Build your painting solidly, working from big planes to small.
91. See the planes of light as shapes, the planes of shadows as shapes. Squint your eyes and find the big, fluent shapes.
92. Notice how, in a portrait, Rembrandt reduces the modeling of clothes to the essentials, emphasizing the head and the hands.
93. For all his artistic skills, what’s most important about Rembrandt is his deep compassion.
94. To emphasize something means that the other parts of a picture must be muted.
95. When painting outdoors, sit on your hands and look before starting.
96. Composing a picture, do many thumbnails, rejecting the obvious ones.
97. Study how Rembrandt creates flow of tone.
98. If you teach, teach the individual. Find out when he or she is having trouble and help at that point.
99. Painting is a practical art, using real materials -- paints, brushes, canvas, paper. Part of the practicality of it is earning a living in art.
100. Finally, don’t be an art snob. Most painters I know teach, do illustrations, or work in an art-related field. Survival is the game.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Do Splurge on Yourself

"Kitty Doll Shopper"
Pencil, colored in photoshop

Here is the second illustration to the valentines do and don't list. This one is the do ("do splurge on yourself.")

UPDATE (JULY 4, 2010) - Okay, so in an attempt to show more of my process, I've decided to post the original pencil drawing, too...

Sunday, May 16, 2010


"Two Vultures"
Mixed Media (micron pen, white pastel, and a variety of papers, most of which were painted black with sumi ink)

Here are two vultures I made for my dry media class. The assignment was to make a zoo poster. Mine doesn't really work as a poster - I guess vultures aren't very welcoming - so I took out the text and consider it to be just a collage now. I had a lot of fun making the feathers... It was very meditative.

In the future I want to redocument this in better light. I feel like some of the detail has been lost, particularly in the feathers. But who knows. I may be too lazy to ever do so. :D

UPDATE (Oct. 6, 2010): I wound up getting a clearer documentation of this collage, and thought I'd post it. Here it is...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Poor Tubular Tina...

"Tubular Tina"

This is a drawing I did from life of a doll I made, named Tubular Tina. I pinned her to my wall. She wound up being pinned up there for the entire semester, which, well, was a little sad. :[

Classroom turned Monastery...

"Visiting the Monastery"
Scratchboard, colored in photoshop

A piece I did for Dry Media. Originally I meant for it to just represent a girl entering a classroom. When it was getting critiqued, though, people kept bringing up nuns, monasteries, and... the matrix. This made me rethink my piece. For some reason, I really liked the idea of it being a monastery, and decided that it would be one.

Sleep Deprived Elephants

"Awake, Asleep"

Something for Illustration 2. The assignment was to illustrate one of the radiolab podcasts we listened to. I decided to illustrate the one on sleep.

Doing this piece made me very, very happy, not only because it allowed me to draw a carousel and elephants, but also because I got to give my elephants powerpuff girl shoes and socks!!

Scratchboard Doodle

"Scratchy Blobs"

In Dry Media, we spent a little bit of class experimenting with scratchboard before delving into our actual scratchboard project. This was my first time using it. It was so much fun! I felt so free. I hope to find more time in the future to do scratchboard doodles...



Here is the second drawing I did over winter break. It's of my mom and some weird people. For some reason, I felt this overwhelming urge to get rid of their faces and replace them with white dots, and to add smoke coming out of their heads. I'm still trying to figure out why. Sadly it doesn't really work with the image as well as I wanted it to. I learned a lot, though, and next time when I try blending more surreal elements with realistic elements, I think I'll do a better job.

A Birthday

"A Birthday"

Over winter break, my mom showed me a bunch of old photographs from her childhood. They were absolutely mesmerizing. I couldn't get over how mysterious and interesting they were. I decided to spend my break drawing two. Here's one of my mom at her fifth birthday. This summer I plan on doing more of these kinds of drawings for an independent study. :D

Band Poster

"Pram Poster"
Pastel, text done in photoshop

This was my final for illustration 1. It's a poster for the band Pram. I tried to make it kinda creepy and kinda whimsical and kinda something, but I don't think it quite got kinda creepy or kinda whimsical. Kinda something, yes. That's okay though. I had fun drawing little people wearing shower cap/cloud hats and putting bunny ears on bubbles. :D

Some Observational Drawing Stuff...

"Baltimore City Scape"

For Illustraton 1 we joined the visual journalism class for one day and drew stuff around campus. This is of the train station.

"Baltimore City Scape 2"

Here's another sketch from the day - I can't say I drew as well as I did in the first one, but I CAN say I had fun picking what colors to use...