Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Do Splurge on Yourself

"Kitty Doll Shopper"
Pencil, colored in photoshop

Here is the second illustration to the valentines do and don't list. This one is the do ("do splurge on yourself.")

UPDATE (JULY 4, 2010) - Okay, so in an attempt to show more of my process, I've decided to post the original pencil drawing, too...

Sunday, May 16, 2010


"Two Vultures"
Mixed Media (micron pen, white pastel, and a variety of papers, most of which were painted black with sumi ink)

Here are two vultures I made for my dry media class. The assignment was to make a zoo poster. Mine doesn't really work as a poster - I guess vultures aren't very welcoming - so I took out the text and consider it to be just a collage now. I had a lot of fun making the feathers... It was very meditative.

In the future I want to redocument this in better light. I feel like some of the detail has been lost, particularly in the feathers. But who knows. I may be too lazy to ever do so. :D

UPDATE (Oct. 6, 2010): I wound up getting a clearer documentation of this collage, and thought I'd post it. Here it is...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Poor Tubular Tina...

"Tubular Tina"

This is a drawing I did from life of a doll I made, named Tubular Tina. I pinned her to my wall. She wound up being pinned up there for the entire semester, which, well, was a little sad. :[

Classroom turned Monastery...

"Visiting the Monastery"
Scratchboard, colored in photoshop

A piece I did for Dry Media. Originally I meant for it to just represent a girl entering a classroom. When it was getting critiqued, though, people kept bringing up nuns, monasteries, and... the matrix. This made me rethink my piece. For some reason, I really liked the idea of it being a monastery, and decided that it would be one.

Sleep Deprived Elephants

"Awake, Asleep"

Something for Illustration 2. The assignment was to illustrate one of the radiolab podcasts we listened to. I decided to illustrate the one on sleep.

Doing this piece made me very, very happy, not only because it allowed me to draw a carousel and elephants, but also because I got to give my elephants powerpuff girl shoes and socks!!

Scratchboard Doodle

"Scratchy Blobs"

In Dry Media, we spent a little bit of class experimenting with scratchboard before delving into our actual scratchboard project. This was my first time using it. It was so much fun! I felt so free. I hope to find more time in the future to do scratchboard doodles...



Here is the second drawing I did over winter break. It's of my mom and some weird people. For some reason, I felt this overwhelming urge to get rid of their faces and replace them with white dots, and to add smoke coming out of their heads. I'm still trying to figure out why. Sadly it doesn't really work with the image as well as I wanted it to. I learned a lot, though, and next time when I try blending more surreal elements with realistic elements, I think I'll do a better job.

A Birthday

"A Birthday"

Over winter break, my mom showed me a bunch of old photographs from her childhood. They were absolutely mesmerizing. I couldn't get over how mysterious and interesting they were. I decided to spend my break drawing two. Here's one of my mom at her fifth birthday. This summer I plan on doing more of these kinds of drawings for an independent study. :D

Band Poster

"Pram Poster"
Pastel, text done in photoshop

This was my final for illustration 1. It's a poster for the band Pram. I tried to make it kinda creepy and kinda whimsical and kinda something, but I don't think it quite got kinda creepy or kinda whimsical. Kinda something, yes. That's okay though. I had fun drawing little people wearing shower cap/cloud hats and putting bunny ears on bubbles. :D

Some Observational Drawing Stuff...

"Baltimore City Scape"

For Illustraton 1 we joined the visual journalism class for one day and drew stuff around campus. This is of the train station.

"Baltimore City Scape 2"

Here's another sketch from the day - I can't say I drew as well as I did in the first one, but I CAN say I had fun picking what colors to use...

A Mother and a Son ...

"Mother and Son"
Thread, different kinds of fabric, pastel on Rives BFK

For Illustration 1 we had to make a DVD cover for a movie of our choice. I decided to do mine to "Boy Interrupted," the saddest movie I think I have ever seen. This used to be in DVD dimensions, but I changed it because, well, it didn't do the piece any good.

Some Hands I Drew for Class

"Arm Slide"

Here are five hands I drew from observation for life drawing class. I had fun making this. As I was drawing, I imagined the black circle on each hand as a head, and the little fingers as arms and legs. Doing this made it look like the little hands were sliding head first down an arm slide. It amused me very much!

A Painting I did for my Friend

"Digging For Hearts"
Oil Paint

Here's something I did for my friend Nadia. She loves astronomy so I decided to paint a sky of stars. The rest just came to me randomly. This piece made me wonder. I wasn't quite sure what my meaning was. Even now, it's a little unclear to me.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Painting I Did for my Dad

"Night Scape"
Oil Paint

This was my final for Elements. Painting this was extremely fun. I piled the paint on as thick as possible, and slopped on color after color until everything just kinda slimed together, but at the same time didn't. The painting wound up taking about three weeks to dry!

A Painting of Some Dolls I Made

"Blanket Slide"
Oil Paint

This was my final for painting. It's of a bunch of dolls I made in sculptural forms. I pinned them to my wall along with my bed sheets. It was fun. Hm... It was interesting as I painted this. I listened to Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation over and over and kind of numbed my brain into oblivion. I probably sat in front of this painting for 14 hours straight, breaking only for the bathroom and facebook.

My Dog Likes to Eat Rawhides and I Like to Draw Her Eating Rawhides!

"Mazy Eats a Rawhide 1, 2, 3, + 4"

I guess this is pretty self explanatory.

Self Portrait with a Doll Head

"Self Portrait with the Head of Tubular Tina"

I drew myself with the head of a doll I made in sculptural forms. The piece is about 4 feet tall. I had some cropping/documenting issues with this, but sadly cannot do much about it. It got damaged when I left it in the drawing room, and I'm too pressed for time to rework and redocument it. Oh well. I had fun.

An Unfinished Drawing from Freshman Year

Hi. I decided to get a blog. It seemed like fun. I don't really have anything good to say. I'll just say the point of this thing's existence is to show what art I've made. I think I'll start with fall of freshman year. There's only one drawing I kind of like from then. It's a drawing of my friend, Christine. I never really finished, but I still show it because some itty bitty creature inside me says it's worth showing.