Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Do Splurge on Yourself

"Kitty Doll Shopper"
Pencil, colored in photoshop

Here is the second illustration to the valentines do and don't list. This one is the do ("do splurge on yourself.")

UPDATE (JULY 4, 2010) - Okay, so in an attempt to show more of my process, I've decided to post the original pencil drawing, too...


  1. my o my have you improved since the good ol' oekaki daysss! Havent heard from you in ages! Thanks for the comment on devart. Rarely use that anymore but I still like to keep it alive for sentimental reasons haha :) Good to see you have a blog as well.

  2. Haha, you're welcome! Your work has grown so much, too. It's amazing to see! I love where your style has gone :D I'm definitely going to visit your blog every once and a while just to check out what you're doing! Thank you so much, too. :D Ha... AHR. It's funny, and kind of cool how so many people who started there are still making art now.