Sunday, May 16, 2010


"Two Vultures"
Mixed Media (micron pen, white pastel, and a variety of papers, most of which were painted black with sumi ink)

Here are two vultures I made for my dry media class. The assignment was to make a zoo poster. Mine doesn't really work as a poster - I guess vultures aren't very welcoming - so I took out the text and consider it to be just a collage now. I had a lot of fun making the feathers... It was very meditative.

In the future I want to redocument this in better light. I feel like some of the detail has been lost, particularly in the feathers. But who knows. I may be too lazy to ever do so. :D

UPDATE (Oct. 6, 2010): I wound up getting a clearer documentation of this collage, and thought I'd post it. Here it is...

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