Sunday, September 19, 2010

Charcoal Portrait

"Self Portrait (as a child)"

This is just a random drawing I did for no reason at all. Well, it was supposed to be for my class "The Lab", but as I was working on it, I found out that it did not fit the assignment's requirements. I wound up having to do a completely different drawing. It made me very sad to abandon this drawing, so I thought I'd finish it this weekend. Yeah... it's based off a photograph of me when I was little.

Somewhere buried in the charcoal is a teeny weeny little dead bug. I squashed it while it was crawling on my paper, and I'm pretty sure it's still stuck in there somewhere. I tried zooming in on photoshop in an attempt to find it, but it completely blends in with the charcoal! Ha, I must have colored over it. :[ That poor bug - what a pathetic way to die. At least it gets to live on in art forever, which I guess isn't so bad. I commend it for being such a convincing charcoal speck. :D

Saturday, September 11, 2010

An Ice Cream Princess...

"The Melancholic Ice Cream Princess"

For class I had to make a menu cover inspired by one of the foods in the menu given to me. I decided to do an illustration based on the chocolate sundae. Originally I wanted to make her look like a chocolate sundae, but as I was working, she wound up looking more and more blobby and less ice-cream-ish. She's a very sorrowful princess, but only because the temperature never seems to meet her needs. Here she's melting all over some random world. :[

Ah, wow. I just realized I'm posting this on Sept. 11! I feel like a jerk now. I should probably say something about all the people who lost their lives on this day... Hm... RIP to them all. Yeah... :[ Okay, I'm awful at this stuff.

I'm going to go now.