Saturday, September 11, 2010

An Ice Cream Princess...

"The Melancholic Ice Cream Princess"

For class I had to make a menu cover inspired by one of the foods in the menu given to me. I decided to do an illustration based on the chocolate sundae. Originally I wanted to make her look like a chocolate sundae, but as I was working, she wound up looking more and more blobby and less ice-cream-ish. She's a very sorrowful princess, but only because the temperature never seems to meet her needs. Here she's melting all over some random world. :[

Ah, wow. I just realized I'm posting this on Sept. 11! I feel like a jerk now. I should probably say something about all the people who lost their lives on this day... Hm... RIP to them all. Yeah... :[ Okay, I'm awful at this stuff.

I'm going to go now.


  1. Aww it's so cute but sad. I love how whimsical your work is.

    And don't worry about the 9/11 thing. I'm sure people could perceive this as a mournful illustration. At least you acknowledged it!

  2. Haha, yes, I'm glad my illustration isn't incredibly happy. If it was, well... that would definitely be sending the wrong message. And as I said earlier, thank you for your support! :D