Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just Some Drawings

Here are three drawings I felt like posting... Yeah.

"Mom Portrait"

This is a 5.5 by 7 inch drawing of my mom I did for fun over break.

"102 Foxes and 1 Wheaten Terrier"

This was my final for my sumi ink class. The assignment was to do 100 drawings of anything... I decided to do a giant drawing of 100 foxes (wound up being 102). I don't remember the exact dimensions of the piece, but I do know it's 5 feet wide, which is pretty darn big for me. I think this might just be the biggest drawing I've ever done!

I currently don't think it's finished... I definitely need to rework the values and make some of the foxes look less dumb. I had issues with time (as I always do) and had to rush a lot of this drawing. Either way I had a ton of fun making it. Around 6 A.M. (about two hours before the piece was due) I was drawing one of the foxes and for some reason, the more I worked on it the more it looked like a wheaten terrier. I ultimately decided that it would be a wheaten terrier. Can anyone spot where it is? P.S. There's also one that looks a lot like a cat... I'm probably going to change that one in the future, but feel free to look for that one too!

"Blob Flies"

This is a piece I made for concepts. It was supposed to be a spot illustration to an article I read, but it wound up being a piece of utter nonsense, featuring what looks to be a bowtie/spider/ant hybrid and little blob flies. I post it because I really did enjoy making it, and I'm happy with my blob flies. Conceptually, though, yeah... It's a mess.

Well yeah, that's all I have to show for now. So long!


  1. The cat was easy, I spotted that before I even read your description. The terrier is tougher, though. Is it lying on a branch on the right side, facing in? I'm curious to know the backstory...what caused a hundred and two foxes to be walking the branches of some otherworldly thicket? If I had my choice, I think I'd say this was the Mirkwood scene that J.R.R. Tolkein forgot to write in the Hobbit. I think the foxes are a protective force, and probably have a special affinity with hobbits, but are distrustful of dwarves, which made things a little awkward for poor Bilbo. Mr. Tolkein couldn't handle that much emotional angst, so he cut the scene before it was finished. It takes a visionary like you to flesh out the gaps in our classic tales. :)

  2. You are correct! That is precisely where the little bugger of a terrier is! :D Ha, he's pretty out in the open, along with the cat... certainly not a very difficult "Where's Waldo" game, this piece.

    I've been wondering where exactly those foxes are heading... So far, have come up with no answer. I like your idea though! That sounds fun. Hahaha, I wish I would have read that entire book... Only got about 20 pages in. I'll have to start it again sometime.

    Thank you for the wonderful comment!