Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sad Girl Book...

I managed to get some documentation of the book/zine I made called "8 Sad Girls." I plan to keep making these books, so if anyone by any chance would like one, please feel free to ask!! I originally sold them for 8 dollars, and am pretty sure I will keep selling them for that price. I plan to bind the future ones with bookboard so they are a little more sturdy and book-like than the originals (unless the bookboard for some reason doesn't work with the binding... haven't tried it yet). Also I might consider adding a black paper to the spine rather than the white rice paper... Not sure. Need to experiment. Either way, here's what the ones I sold at the Art Market looked like...

(NOTE: photo quality isn't really the greatest, sorry about that... Wasn't shooting in very good light. Also my front/back cover photo is kind of blurry...)

Here's the front and back cover:

Here are some examples of what the inside pages look like:

Here's what the book is like opened up:

Also, I sold 8 inch by 10 inch prints of each individual sad girl illustration. Here are some examples of what the prints looked like:

I wound up printing them on this archival paper called "Somerset Enhanced Velvet 225." It's a gorgeous printing paper and I recommend it to anyone doing prints! It's a little pricey, though... As a note, too, I still have some sad girl prints left and wouldn't mind selling them to anyone who wants one.

Okay, well I think this will be my last post about sad girls for a while. They've pretty much taken over my entire blog, ha! I had a ton of fun with this project, though, and definitely want to continue drawing sad girls in the future. Thanks to everyone who bought a book and/or print... I really super appreciate it. :D

All right, good bye for now.