Thursday, May 12, 2011

Angel Dogs BW + Color

"Angel Dogs"

"Angel Dogs"
Pencil, colored in photoshop

Friday, May 6, 2011

Painterly Final


For my painterly class, we got to do whatever we wanted for the last 4 weeks. I decided to do another drawing of my mom.

UPDATE (MAY 9, 2011): Was asked to post close ups so here is one of the girl and the bird. :D

Also, I did a sumi ink drawing on the side, which is the following...

Sumi ink

Have mixed feelings about it, but thought I'd post it anyway.

Monday, May 2, 2011

More Artwork Stuff

"Arnie and Abby"
Pencil, colored in photoshop

For Book Illustration, I had to do a pagespread combining a character I made up and a character someone else in the class made up. The fuzz cat, named Arnie, and the pink bird, named Abby, are the two characters I made up. Dasher the puppet is the character I drew with them.

After reading my critiques of the piece, I might make some small changes to this in the future, but here it is for now.

To see a less washed out version of this you can click here.


The following image is an in class drawing I did in Painterly. I posted it before, but then deleted it because I felt alittle unsure about whether I liked it enough to post. Today, I decided I do like it enough to post.

"Two Cats"
Charcoal, ballpoint pen, transfers of gray using a blender marker, cropped and grayscaled in photoshop


This next one is another in class drawing from Painterly. We were told to experiment with abstract mark making and this is what came of that. I thought the piece kind of looked like a bird sitting in a nest, so I decided to title it "Bird."... Yeah.

Ball point pen and masking tape


This last image is a drawing I did for Concepts. The assignment was to do a portrait of a musician/artist inspired by one of their albums. I decided to do Bjork and her album Vespertine.

To see the reference I used for Bjork you can click here.

"Bjork - Vespertine"

Also, I was wondering if anyone would like to have this drawing? I was thinking about giving it away, particularly to someone who super loves Bjork, but I wasn't sure if there was anyone who wanted it!

Okay this is all I have for now, good bye! :D