Thursday, May 12, 2011

Angel Dogs BW + Color

"Angel Dogs"

"Angel Dogs"
Pencil, colored in photoshop


  1. Does this go along with the Wind in March cover illustration you did? I like how you seemed to have used the same color scheme but at that same time, you were able to make the colors more uplifting in this one. (I do like the color one much better!)

  2. Yay, I am glad you do! I think I am happier with the color version too. And nope, it is separate from the Wind in March piece, though the Wind in March piece is what made me want to do this... I had so much fun using greens and drawing flying puppies that I wanted to do it again, if anything to get it out of my system.

    This is actually part of a series of three drawings based on this memory of how when I was little, I used to think all these angel puppies lived on this hill at the end of my block, and how every time my mom and I would drive by it, they'd all fly out from behind the hill's tree and follow us as we drove.

    I still need to color the other two, which I am being really lazy about doing.

    Thanks for the comment!