Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Illustration and Doodle

"Horror Stories"

This is an illustration I did to a poem written by Shane Cotier. He asked me if I could illustrate this poem he wrote, and I agreed to. I illustrated a few of his poems a couple years ago, and really enjoyed the process, so I figured this would be fun... and turns out it really was!


"Five Bunnies"
Ball point pen, pencil, and masking tape

This is a drawing I did for fun.


  1. I love the colors on the top, different than your usual palette!

    I like the bottom one too, but I think I might like it better without the masking tape. I usually like when unconventional materials are used in drawings but in this case I feel it takes away from the atmosphere and the gorgeous marks you made in the sky. I STILL LOVE IT THOUGH :D

  2. Thanks! And that's okay, everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I like the tape, and don't see myself changing it, but I can see how you would think it's better without it.