Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thesis #11


Finished my last black and white drawing for thesis! It's the dream Ashlyn had on Friday.  Hm yeah I had a ton of fun rendering this!  I had to finish it in a much more condensed amount of time than the others, meaning rather than casually working on it on and off I worked on it within 4/5 extremely focused back splitting drawing marathons.  Was fun after a while, almost hypnotized myself drawing it... to the point where I probably looked like an exact replica of that swirly eyed rabbit, ha.

I won't have anything too new to show after this, for a little while, anyway, as this was my last piece of the year... and at MICA... so crazy!  But I will post the color version of this and Saturday up soon.  And then the finished box and books, too.   And yes once summer comes around I'll start posting some new things I've been thinking about and being all inspired about forever!  Can't wait to finally make some new work!  Although I had a lot of fun with this project, I've definitely hit a point where I want to move on - drawing Ashlyn got a bit tiresome.

All right, goodbye for now.

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