Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hansel and Gretel

"Hansel And Gretel"
Pencil, colored in photoshop

This is a drawing I did to the fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel."  Not really sure how I feel about it.  I ran into a lot of struggles, especially during the coloring stage.  It's done, though, and now that I've gotten some space it doesn't look as weird as it did all the time I worked on it.  So I'm glad for that.  Also, I'm glad because I learned a lot, particularly on what it's like to work with a more crowded composition than I'm used to. Hope the next time I do something like this I'll do a better job!

Other than this I haven't had much in the works.  I've started a couple illustrations and mom drawings, and am currently trying to muster up some kind of book dummy project.  I just got back from the SCBWI conference in Los Angeles, CA, and it was absolutely amazing and inspiring, so much so my head is suddenly crawling with story ideas.  This is unlike most my summer, where I've wondered what to write but never actually came across an idea that felt inspiring enough.

Okay, well that's all... Bye!

P.S.  I updated the header image of my blog... it's a catipede and some other random animals.

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