Saturday, October 25, 2014

"Screenshot: Maggie's Dream"
Pencil, colored in photoshop

So hi.  It's been sort of a while.  The Winston book is still in progress, however I have taken a break.  I made this, as well as applied for and got into some random art stuff, two of them being art fairs (Tangletown Art Crawl, Love Local) and another being representation at a gallery (ZaPow!)  Since I don't have much an inventory I've been busy cutting down prints and making post card sets and binding books and etc for these things!  It's been ultra fun, but also kind of expensive...

More soon.  My Winston pieces don't take too long to complete and I am hitting a good spot with the inventory related work I need finished.  Binding a bunch of sad girl books is the bulk of what remains.


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