Saturday, May 9, 2015

Pencil, colored in Photoshop

This is a project that resulted from a random sketching spree I had over this winter, where I produced around 20 something fully realized sketches that I had no idea what to do with.  The project started out as something huge and eventually got paired down into this, something tiny.  It's four images illustrating a prose poem that still needs some further editing.  (Will update with edits soon.)

I've been trying to figure out a new way to get stuff done faster, and as a result, started keeping a drawing log where I keep track of all the hours and minutes spent each day on artwork.  It was a huge help in getting me to finish this project as quickly as I could.  It took exactly 40 days to do.  

I will have more work to show in the near future!  Many things in progress at the moment.

See ya!  =]

EDIT (5/27/2015):  Edited the text, though it still needs work.

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